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How to Keep Tails Wagging When Moving!

Moving to a new state is a massive adjustment for family members - pets included. Moreover, it's not as if it is possible to communicate these changes with him verbally. Instead, it's about making him feel comfortable throughout. Here's how.

Work on your stress levels first

Your pet loves you tremendously, which is why they can pick up on any positive and negative emotions you may be experiencing. Hence, the importance of keeping your stress levels in check to avoid stressing your pet out to the point where they start to act out in public. Studies have shown that it is work stress from working long hours in particular that can have adverse effects on you, which can then end up affecting your pet's behavior. Therefore, try to leave your work stress at the door before you leave the office. Or better yet, look at ways to help minimize work pressures by opting for more flexible working conditions, taking breaks more often, paying more attention to self-care, etc., to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Check what legal requirements there are

Moving your pet to another state may require that you abide by the rules and regulations in that state. So be sure to find out what health certificates or passports are necessary to get your pet settled in safely.

Finding pet-friendly accommodation

The next step in relocating your family and pet to a new place is finding pet-friendly accommodation. Expand your options by searching online for suitable pet-friendly homes. The internet should be able to provide many sources of pet-friendly places that could help to speed up your quest to find the right home quickly. Once you've summarized potential options, the next step is finding out if any pet restrictions apply concerning the property you're looking into; you may also have to get permission from the landlord if you intend on renting.

Check your pet insurance

You may need new pet insurance if you move to a new state because of a change in premiums that may apply there. For pet insurance in California, you'll want to make sure that you know all about it before you decide on one. For example, look into what exactly the insurance covers, what deductibles may apply, what age they cover up to, and, of course, how much the premiums may differ from what you're used to paying. Look around for the best customer reviews and get a handful of sample quotes beforehand to ensure you're getting a deal you can afford.

On the move day and afterward

When it comes to moving, ensuring your pet is as comfortable as possible will go a long way in making the progress that's necessary. Therefore, packing his toys, blanket, dog bed, and other essentials to ensure he travels safely and comfortably is a requisite.

Keep them out of the hustle and bustle

Keeping your pet out of the hustle and bustle when settling in is another way to ensure your pet doesn't get frazzled or stressed by all the goings-on. Setting your pet up in a quiet and secluded part of the home while you get the place ready is an excellent first step in keeping him distracted while you are busy.

Moving your pet to a new place is exciting but, at the same time, worrisome because you can't predict how he'll react to the new situation. But you can take care of his health needs with the right insurance so that he is in optimum health, ready as can be for when this all happens.

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