Meet our cost effective solution for safe senior living


per month

No hidden setup fees

MJ Alert innovates resident safety using modern technology. A cost effective solution to providing compliant, safety services for your residents. Read below to learn more about the MJ Alert service.

We understand seniors and built a low cost safety solution that works.

Wear it or Place it 

The MJ Alert button can be worn or placed anywhere in the residence within arms reach. Simple and easy.

Sleep with Peace of Mind

Place the MJ Alert button on your nightstand. Should you need it, it will be there to press in an emergency.

Free Custom Installation

With our service, you can request for the MJ Alert button to be installed anywhere in your residence at no extra charge. Your safety comes first.

Platform - Safety Services

Innovating resident safety using modern technology

$15 Monthly Fee per Button (No Hidden Fees)

Easy Setup and Free Custom Installation Services

24 Hour Emergency Call Center Assistance
Customizable Buttons per Property

Programmable per Resident
Ongoing Maintenance Services Included

Wifi Installation Services provided (where required)

Resident and Staff Safety Education and Training

Interested in the MJ Alert Platform for your residents?

How MJ Alert Works

1. In case of an emergency, press your MJ Alert Button. 

3. Our Emergency Operator calls you to confirm the emergency request. If you don't answer an ambulance is dispatched.

2. Your information is sent to MJ Alert Emergency Operators.

4. Our Emergency Operator contacts a neighbor, family member or emergency services based on your account details.

We understand seniors and built a low cost safety solution that works.


per month

No hidden setup fees

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