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What Makes Us

Stand Out

Providing a truly boutique experience for clients, focused on client, not generic needs, accomplished through a variety of comprehensive services, created with a flexible and adaptable approach.


We work with clients where they are, help identify where our expertise fits, and develop high quality services and strategies resulting in solution-oriented outcomes.


Training & Education

Provide trainings at over a dozen national and local conferences focused on affordable housing and supportive housing/resident services/low income communities.

Training & Education Benefits:

  • Faculty member of American Association of Service Coordinators.

  • Train and educate new QA Supervisors and Service Coordinators and help them set up internal QA programs. Provide Training to Property Managers at AHMA and SAHMA.

  • Deliver trainings to Coordinators  on all required subject categories of HUD SC grant and trainings based on the needs of the SC and their community.

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