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What Makes Us

Stand Out

Providing a truly boutique experience for clients, focused on client, not generic needs, accomplished through a variety of comprehensive services, created with a flexible and adaptable approach.


We work with clients where they are, help identify where our expertise fits, and develop high quality services and strategies resulting in solution-oriented outcomes.

Aging Services in Affordable Housing

Service Coordination

MJ specializes in providing aging services, service coordination, supportive services and educational programming focused on empowering our senior and disabled residents to live independently and our families to be economically self-sufficient. Currently, MJ Housing & Services serves over 6,000 residents at 54 affordable housing communities in all regions of the U.S.  Each community offers free, comprehensive services to all interested residents at our on-site community centers.

Benefits of Service Coordination:

  • Improving community well-being and the quality of residents’ lives

  • Reduce legal fees through reduced evictions and vacancies

  • Reducing use of emergency services (Police, fire, emergency room)

  • Reducing use of in-room pull cord

  • Reducing preventable hospitalizations or length of stay

  • Reducing number and nature of complaints and disputes

  • Fostering a positive community which reduce lease violations, thereby increasing safety and property marketability


Ownership Outcomes of Service Coordination:

  • Support property managers, by relieving managers’ stress and burden, and creating a more positive atmosphere.

  • Recent estimates show that every prevented eviction saves at least $3,700 for a typical building. At that rate, the annual cost of a resident services coordinator is fully repaid by preventing just 10 evictions over the course of a year.

  • Resident Service Coordination services across U.S properties reach an average of nearly $2,000,000 in vacancy turnover savings per year.

  • Average cost to property when vacancy occurs = $1732 (cleaning, carpeting, vacancy loss, legal fees, contract loss)

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