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What Makes Us

Stand Out

Providing a truly boutique experience for clients, focused on client, not generic needs, accomplished through a variety of comprehensive services, created with a flexible and adaptable approach.


We work with clients where they are, help identify where our expertise fits, and develop high quality services and strategies resulting in solution-oriented outcomes.

Aging Services in Affordable Housing

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Grant Writing & Fundraising

Madelyne Pfeiffer, CEO MJ has a successful track record of grant writing and fundraising in aging services in the amount of over three million dollars.

Grant Writing, Fundraising and Administration Benefits:

  • Write SC grants or budget-based applications and can administer them if funding is received.

  • Identify and apply for aging services related grants including supportive services in telehealth, aging technology, and research grants, and more

  • Train service coordinators and administrative staff on creating fundraising plans and learning how to ‘make the ask’ to effectively reach annual fundraising goals or subsidize SC program. Teach SCs how to organize fundraising events and solicit in-kind donations

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