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Finding Adventure in your Life

“Living Adventurously need not be about rowing oceans or crossing deserts. Rather it is choosing to approach every day with an attitude of curiosity, excitement, purpose and adventure.”- Alastair Humphreys

We often try to predict the future. What will go right. What will go wrong, but what if instead of fearing the unknown, we start to find the excitement in the “anything could happen!”. What if we started treating every aspect of life as an adventure, not just the big moments -college, a new job, starting a family.

Try this: The next time you go to the grocery store, clean your home, cook, try a new tea, and in what may seem like the smallest of moments or mundane tasks, take a moment and close your eyes. Take a deep breath, and as you are letting it out, think it’s an adventure. Then, begin your newly found adventure. Everywhere we go there are new things to be seen, smelled, touched, tasted, heard. On your next adventure, intentionally perceive with all five senses. Be present, don’t think about what you were doing before, or what you will do after. Just be there to fully take in each moment. Ask yourself what can I learn right now, what can I explore.

Adventures aren’t for just for grocery shopping and starting new jobs. They are also for being overwhelmed at work, having tough conversations, managing bills, managing your health, or motivating yourself to exercise - in difficult situations asking yourself what can I learn is especially important. This a helpful reminder that you are on an adventure and these are the times we grow the most.

Remember that no one’s adventure looks the same and that is okay, but every encounter with a fellow adventurer is an opportunity to learn. “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't.”Bill Nye Why living your life as an adventure is important

1. It helps us live in duality/the beautiful grey 2. It helps us to not take ourselves or life too seriously 3. It reminds us that the unknown is not to be feared, but embraced 4. It brings magic to every experience 5. It brings out inspiration and creativity 6. It’s empowering 7. Removes the fear of vulnerability 8. Removes self-limiting thoughts/self-doubt 9. Gets us out of our comfort zone 10. It motivates us to enthusiastically face our fears 11. Self-discovery/personal growth 12. Colors feel brighter 13. And why not choose to live a life full of excitement, fun, and adventure?

Sometimes we forget that life is an adventure, Why?

I believe it is because as life goes – we get stressed, sick, scared, we start to worry about the opinions of others far too much, we start to think our lives should look a certain way, we go through episodes of crippling depression and anxiety. When this happens, many of us shut down and colors go dull again. This is where we live until…. we remember that we are on an amazing, beautiful, exciting adventure.

Tools for helping you begin you adventure

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” – Seth Godin

The next time you are having anxiety about something, do it.

· Have a specific conversation with someone

· Buy a new couch

· Wear an outfit outside of what you may consider the norm for you

· Make dinner for a group of people

Keep in mind that a positive outcome isn’t the main goal here. It’s that you face a fear. And before you do any of this, remember it’s an adventure! You might even have a little fun exploring the unknown.

- You know the place where dreams live.


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