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A COVID-19 Holiday Season

By Lesa Masten

As COVID rages through our Holiday Season this year, it is necessary for us to celebrate differently.

First, we can all be grateful that we are still among the living and here for more family gathering in the future. Yes, there are the normal traditions that we have always observed but we want to continue that tradition by not taking unnecessary risk this year. It will not last forever, and we are at the edge of a vaccine. We must look on the bright side of any negative situation and focus on what we can do, not what we cannot do. You have probably spoken with long distance relatives over the phone for years but if you have not this year requires this safer measure of connecting. Do something small for yourself to remember that this is a holiday and should be celebrated somehow even if it is not outlandish.

Light a candle just to give thanks for the many things we have in America that others have never had. People have said, “It’s just another day” because of what COVID has done. Yes, it is another COVID day but not just another day. This is a day like no other, it is a COVID Thanksgiving Day. We have never had a COVID Thanksgiving Day, so let us treat this as the special day that it is a day like no other. Let us think of all the thanksgivings we have been together and the fond memories we must look back on and smile about.

Think about something more you want to add next year because of the challenges of this year. Think of how you can deepen your relationships and make stronger bonds with family because of COVID. Make it a special time with new traditions and goals. In my past there have been a few holidays that were different, and I have to say they were the best holidays of all.

One Thanksgiving the power went out; thank God the food was cooked. We eat over candlelight and it was the best. Another year money was so tight that there was not Christmas. We pulled out music records for the 30’s and listened to them on an old phonograph player. This new experience made up for our rough Christmas year. How we got through this challenge will be what we remember most about the end of 2020. If you make it good and positive, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Lesa Masten

Resident Service Coordinator

La Resolana Senior Apartments, NM


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