Senior & Family Services



MJ Housing & Services offers a wide range of supportive services and expert consulting services focused on developing partnerships with clients designed to improve, enhance and monitor the development of services and programs.

Our organization possesses nationally recognized expertise in affordable housing and services. In addition, we have developed innovative technology and virtual programming to enhance the lives of families, seniors and disabled adults while creating sustainable and cost savings features for clients.


Madelyne (MJ) Pfeiffer,  founder and CEO, captures the passion and humanity of the reason behind MJ Housing & Services

Service Coordination 

MJ specializes in providing aging services, service coordination, supportive services and educational programming focused on empowering our senior and disabled residents to live independently and our families to be economically self-sufficient.


Currently, MJ Housing & Services serves over 10,000 residents at 80 affordable housing communities in all regions of the U.S. 


Quality Assurance

Review and timely submission of all HUD required reports including: Semi-Annual Report, Training Log, QA Annual Report, Logic Model, Financial Status Report and Grant Extensions with budgets.


Family Support

MJ Housing & Services is on the forefront of services to support our communities and families.

Read more about our services such as MJ Alert, TeleHealth, Grant Writing, Fundraising, Training, Education, and partnerships below.

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MJ Housing & Services is on the forefront of TeleHealth services to support our communities.

Training & Education

Provide trainings at over a dozen national

and local conferences focused on affordable housing and supportive housing/resident services/low income communities.

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GRANT WRITING & Fundraising

Train service coordinators and administrative staff on creating fundraising plans and learning how to ‘make the ask’ to effectively reach annual fundraising goals or subsidize SC program. Teach SCs how to organize fundraising events and solicit in-kind donations

MJ ALert

Innovating resident safety through modern technology. 

A cost effective approach to providing compliant, safety services to your residents.

Read below to learn more about the MJ Alert platform.

Our Partners

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